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Introduction to POLINA Company

¤     The POLINA Audio Technology (Asia) Co., Ltd was established in 2015 and its headquarter is located in Hong Kong. It is a manufacturer and a professional provider of audio equipment and solution, integrating product development, production, sales and marketing. The company’s founders is an international team consisting of senior audio manufacturers from China, construction engineers from Hong Kong, and electroacoustic engineers from UK. All team members have more than ten years’experience in audio industry, and they not only love films and videos, but also have unique insights and researches on audio-visual equipment.

¤        The brand inspiration of POLINA comes from Muse Polyhymnia goddess who took charge of religious music in the ancient Greek. POLINA is the abbreviation of Polyhymnia. The mission of this brand is to provide high quality audio products and solutions for commercial and household usage, and our products cover sound amplifying systems for commercial cinemas, customized shadow K acoustics, professional conference systems, household karaoke and high fidelity WIFI background music systems.

¤        POLINA combines the international industrial experience with the local manufacturing advantages in China and rich marketing experience. After one year’s rapid development, POLINA has gradually become a favorite audio and video brandamong various dealers and users.

Brand Profile

¤Company positioning - high quality audio equipment and solution provider

¤Brand slogan - pursue excellence, and experience perfection

¤Product ranges - commercial cinema systems,  customized private cinemas, shadow K systems, WIFI background music, micro cinema systems

¤Company mission - to be the first-level audio equipment manufacturer and create values for the users and dealers


Brighten each family's quality life with a moving voice.


Provides cost-effective video and audio products for commercial and residential spaces.


Home to the highest recognition of audio-visual products.


Dedicated service, attention to detail, pursuit of craftsman spirit.


Honesty, pragmatism, innovation and win-win.

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