Design: three-way two frequency integrated circuit, a hanging main box / center-channel / spacious surround

High frequency drive: a high quality imported silk membrane tweeter in one-inch size, and shallow horn panel

Mid- Bass: two aircraft-grade magnetic circuits in 4-inch size, ceramic aluminum bass

Frequency range 75Hz-22kHz

Impedance 6

Flexibility (1 watt/1m): 893dB


Product size210*400*90mm (WHD)

Weight 5.30/11.7kg/lb1Pcs



Design: three-way two frequency integrated circuit, a hanging main box / center-channel / spacious surround

High frequency drive: a high quality imported silk membrane tweeter in one-inch size, and shallow horn panel

Mid- Bass: two aircraft-grade magnetic circuits in 4-inch size, ceramic aluminum bass

Frequency range 75Hz-22kHz

Impedance 6

Flexibility (1 watt/1m): 893dB


Product size210*400*90mm (WHD)

Weight 5.30/11.7kg/lb1Pcs

Sound features: sounds are clean; at a fast speed; having a good emotional support dog letter sense of depth, and high frequency performance is in place

Scope of application: main box for independent audio-visual rooms and living rooms within 15 square meters, and spacious surround for areas more than 20 square metes