PD8000+ Effects Processor

PD8000+ Effects Processor Karaoke Preamp


1. The preamplifier has a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 118dB, making it one of the best in the industry.

2. Automatic source selection, with fiber optic and coaxial inputs, tone control, and independent adjustment of 6 channels.

3. The preamplifier has the highest parameter indicators to date, including phase, frequency response, and the ability to create a flat curve.

4. The preamplifier is the most powerful to date, with 15-band music EQ, 20-band dual-channel microphone EQ, and 5 reverb effects.

5. USB and WIFI wireless connections are driver-free, solving all connection problems.

6. Unique 5 reverb technology provides powerful surround sound and modulation, allowing you to sing without worry.

7. The software has a network password function.

8. The system has unlimited boot locking.



1. The preamplifier has a signal-to-noise ratio of up to 118dB, making it one of the best in the industry.

2. Automatic source selection, with fiber optic and coaxial inputs, tone control, and independent adjustment of 6 channels.

3. The preamplifier has the highest parameter indicators to date, including phase, frequency response, and the ability to create a flat curve.

4. The preamplifier is the most powerful to date, with 15-band music EQ, 20-band dual-channel microphone EQ, and 5 reverb effects.

5. USB and WIFI wireless connections are driver-free, solving all connection problems.

6. Unique 5 reverb technology provides powerful surround sound and modulation, allowing you to sing without worry.

7. The software has a network password function.

8. The system has unlimited boot locking.


[Music section]

1. Two sets of analog inputs, fiber optic, and coaxial inputs, automatically switching between them.

2. Unique 3-stage dynamic equalization.

3. 15-band parametric equalization, professional high and low pass voltage limiting.

4. Positive and negative 7-stage pitch adjustment.


[Microphone section]

1. Digital noise gate.

2. Unique 4-level howling suppression.

3. Two independent microphone adjustments.

4. 20-band parametric equalization, professional high and low pass voltage limiting.

5. Microphone input voltage limiting.


[Effects section]

1. Unique 5 reverb technology: STEREO ECHO+STEREO ECHO+STEREO REVERB.

2. Each effect has 7-band parametric equalization and professional high and low pass voltage limiting.

[Output channel]

1. Independent adjustment of 6 channels.

2. Each channel has an independent mute function.

3. 50ms delay.

4. Each channel has independent frequency division function.

5. 10-band parametric equalization.



1. The software has a unique spectrum analysis function.

2. The interface is designed for user-friendliness.

[Technical specifications]
Maximum input level: 4V(RMS); Maximum output level: 4V(RMS)
Music channel gain: MAX: 12dB; Microphone sensitivity: 64MV (OUT: 4V)
Signal-to-noise ratio: >90dB; Input voltage: ~220V 50HZ
Gross weight: 4.5kg; Net weight: 3.9kg
Size (H x W x D): 485mm x 220mm x 44.5mm.