SUB-115S active subwoofer

Product model: SUB-115S

Structure type: 15¡°Active Subwoofer¡± (sealed type)

Design: bass parts adopt 15 long-stroke high-quality ceramic aluminum basin, high-excursion and customized sensor coils, black anode aluminum rubber surrounded/ aluminum / cast aluminum basket-shape/aluminum and magnet modulated short-circuit ring; drive parts adopt advanced 425W RMS A/B type patent servo control (in a dynamic state with the peak power in 900 watts)

Frequency response: 14-200 Hz (2 dB 2 @ 14 Hz) balanced XLR input; 14-90 Hz (2 dB @ 14 Hz) RCA input

Optional crossed slopes: 12 or 24 dB / octave (PEQ and XLR versions)

Cross range (low-pass):

Filtering (high-pass):

The shifting phase position at 90 degrees responses at 20 Hz

Phase position adjustment: be continuously variable from 0-180 degrees

Set high damping factors on basses  £º£¨Q =0.5£©£¬MED£¨Q=0.7£©£¬BASS£¨Q=1.1£©

Product size£º 448*448*510 (mm/H*W*D£©

Weight £º50/110£¨kg/lb£©1pcs

Color£ºBlack piano baking varnish/ leather



Product model: SUB-115S

Structure type: 15¡°Active Subwoofer¡± (sealed type)

Design: bass parts adopt 15 long-stroke high-quality ceramic aluminum basin, high-excursion and customized sensor coils, black anode aluminum rubber surrounded/ aluminum / cast aluminum basket-shape/aluminum and magnet modulated short-circuit ring; drive parts adopt advanced 425W RMS A/B type patent servo control (in a dynamic state with the peak power in 900 watts)

Frequency response: 14-200 Hz (2 dB 2 @ 14 Hz) balanced XLR input; 14-90 Hz (2 dB @ 14 Hz) RCA input

Optional crossed slopes: 12 or 24 dB / octave (PEQ and XLR versions)

Cross range (low-pass):

Filtering (high-pass):

The shifting phase position at 90 degrees responses at 20 Hz

Phase position adjustment: be continuously variable from 0-180 degrees

Set high damping factors on basses  £º£¨Q =0.5£©£¬MED£¨Q=0.7£©£¬BASS£¨Q=1.1£©

Product size£º 448*448*510 (mm/H*W*D£©

Weight £º50/110£¨kg/lb£©1pcs

Color£ºBlack piano baking varnish/ leather