CS series power amplifiers

POLINA CS series power amplifiers are high-performance and cost-effective products designed specifically for the professional audio industry. They use high-stability and high-speed response switching power supply technology, which greatly reduces the weight of the machine, while improving its stability and durability. In addition, the circuit is designed with multiple protection circuits, which can work easily even in the most demanding environments.

The CS series power amplifiers include four models: CS1000, CS800, CS600, and CS400, which can meet the power requirements of all KTV speakers. All models use sturdy all-steel shells, with reliable design and innovative features. These amplifiers are characterized by clear sound quality, full sound, clear and bright high-frequency, powerful and full low-frequency, and excellent overall performance. Whether used in large venues such as dance halls, KTVs, bars, or small venues such as home theaters, the CS series power amplifiers can perform well.

In summary, if you are looking for a high-performance and cost-effective professional audio power amplifier product, POLINA's CS series power amplifiers are a choice you cannot afford to miss.


POLINA CS series power amplifiers are high-performance and cost-effective products designed specifically for the professional audio industry. They use high-stability and high-speed response switching power supply technology, which greatly reduces the weight of the machine, while improving its stability and durability. In addition, the circuit is designed with multiple protection circuits, which can work easily even in the most demanding environments.

The CS series power amplifiers include four models: CS1000, CS800, CS600, and CS400, which can meet the power requirements of all KTV speakers. All models use sturdy all-steel shells, with reliable design and innovative features. These amplifiers are characterized by clear sound quality, full sound, clear and bright high-frequency, powerful and full low-frequency, and excellent overall performance. Whether used in large venues such as dance halls, KTVs, bars, or small venues such as home theaters, the CS series power amplifiers can perform well.

In summary, if you are looking for a high-performance and cost-effective professional audio power amplifier product, POLINA's CS series power amplifiers are a choice you cannot afford to miss.

 CS series professional power amplifier parameters
Parameter / ModelCS1000CS800CS600CS400
Performance Metrics
Minimum Power (1KHz THD=1%)
8Ω, dual-channel drive
Minimum Power (1KHz THD=1%)
4Ω, dual-channel drive
Frequency Response20-20KHz/±0.5dB
Total Harmonic Distortion<0.08%(-3dB Power 8Ω/1KHz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio>90dB
Input Sensitivity0.775V(8Ω)
Damping Factor>200(20-500Hz/8Ω)
Conversion Rate>15V/μS
Input Impedance20KΩ/balanced, 10KΩ/unbalanced
Output TypeAB
ProtectionProtection against soft start, short circuit, DC, overheating, RF interference, limiter, and mute when power on/off.
Power RequirementsAC220V/50Hz
Rear Panel Functions, Controls and Connectors
Input ConnectorBalanced input Cannon plug/Cannon socket (1 pin for shield, 2 pin for positive, 3 pin for negative)
Output ConnectorSpeaker screw socket/terminal block
Input Mode SwitchStereo (DUAL)/Parallel (LINK)
AC Input ConnectorI-shaped AC input power socket with fuse
Front Panel Functions, Controls and LED Displays
Active Limiter Protection Light-CLIPOne red LED light per channel
Signal Indicator Light-SIGNALOne green LED light per channel-SIGNAL/-20dB/-10dB
Power Indicator Light-POWEROne blue LED light per channel
Gain Controller 24-step gain controller 
Power SwitchAC power input control switch
Ventilation and CoolingForward and backward blowing, continuously variable speed forced cooling
Net Weight-

Shipping Weight-