Fully-balanced multichannel power PMA-7350MK

Product modelPMA-7350MK

Product type: PMA-7350MK

Circuit design: the American Qili CASS-H super-high quality management circuit, a real fully-balanced 7 sound channels power amplifier; industrial module design; each channel adopts independent and separate fans; capacitor with large capacity, 12000uf per channel; abundant power;

Power  7X250W(8)/ 7X350W4

Signal to noise ratio:
0.5db 10Hz-20KHz 3db 5Hz-65KHz
115 dB, whose weighted gain is 26.2 Db

Total harmonic distortion:

0.01% (20Hz-20KHz)

Other functions: 12V front signals enter into the interface which will trigger switch;

Product size 435*217*455mm (mm/L*W*H

Weight 50kg  1pcs

ColorBlack / Silver



Product modelPMA-7350MK

Product type: PMA-7350MK

Circuit design: the American Qili CASS-H super-high quality management circuit, a real fully-balanced 7 sound channels power amplifier; industrial module design; each channel adopts independent and separate fans; capacitor with large capacity, 12000uf per channel; abundant power;

Power 7X250W(8)/ 7X350W4

Signal to noise ratio:
0.5db 10Hz-20KHz 3db 5Hz-65KHz
115 dB, whose weighted gain is 26.2 Db

Total harmonic distortion:

0.01% (20Hz-20KHz)

Other functions: 12V front signals enter into the interface which will trigger switch;

Product size 435*217*455mm (mm/L*W*H

Weight 50kg  1pcs

ColorBlack / Silver