M660 Wireless Microphone

POLINA M660 Wireless Microphone
Industry's first patented technology with automatic hand-sensing, the microphone will automatically mute 3 seconds after leaving the hand (can be placed in any direction and angle), automatically enter power-saving standby mode after 5 minutes, and automatically shut down and completely cut off power after 15 minutes, making it a new concept of intelligent and automated wireless microphone.


POLINA M660 Wireless Microphone
Industry's first patented technology with automatic hand-sensing, the microphone will automatically mute 3 seconds after leaving the hand (can be placed in any direction and angle), automatically enter power-saving standby mode after 5 minutes, and automatically shut down and completely cut off power after 15 minutes, making it a new concept of intelligent and automated wireless microphone.

 New audio circuit architecture, delicate high-frequency performance, strong mid-low frequency, and perfect expression in sound details. The strong dynamic tracking ability allows for easy pickup and reception from far and near distances.

 A new concept of digital guidance technology, completely solving the problem of mutual frequency interference between KTV rooms, never interfering with each other!

 100x2 channels with a channel spacing of 250KHz

 Specially designed mute circuit, completely eliminating the impact noise when turning the microphone on and off

 The microphone uses easily purchasable size 5 batteries, with a continuous use time of 6-10 hours

 The microphone uses a unique boost design, and the decrease in battery power does not affect the overall performance of the handheld microphone

 Ideal environment operation radius of up to 60 meters, suitable for various occasions

 Default configuration with a blue backlit LCD screen and an aluminum alloy microphone body

 With infrared automatic frequency matching function, the microphone can quickly synchronize to the working channel of the receiver

 KTV engineering special model, two microphones and one main unit. It is easy to configure more than 100 KTV rooms. The product has a unique structural design and is easy to maintain.
Technical Parameters
Frequency range: 640-690MHz; Adjustable channel number: 100x2
Frequency stability: 10ppm; Audio frequency response: 80-13000Hz
Harmonic distortion: 0.5%; Signal-to-noise ratio: 110dB
Audio output: Balanced output and mixed output
Transmit power: 3-30mW; Modulation method: frequency modulation (FM)
Battery specifications: 2 size 5 batteries
Power specifications: 100-240V 50-60Hz 12VDC (switching power adapter)
or 220VAC/50-60HZ 12VDC (linear power supply)